Conceptual Design:

Our work and our design philosophies operate at the intersection of craftsmanship of past eras and modern day innovation. We are inspired by the attention to detail, texture, and warmth neglected in many contemporary modular housing projects, which often posses atmospheres that feel sterile and cold. We are strategic in our efforts to ensure spaces are not only livable, but also enjoyable and sustainable, using innovative CNC technology and digital fabrication to facilitate production and generate interesting forms, but not allowing these tools to eliminate the humanity in our designs.  We incorporate the tenets of permaculture in our designs to foster sustainable, regenerative environments that care for the inhabitants that care for them.

Our extensive experience in the high end fabrication industry heavily influences our design process. We have designed, engineered, and produced architectural metalwork of the highest quality and finish levels, with projects ranging from custom hardware to large scale bespoke furniture. Along the way, we have refined techniques and processes to increase efficiency and improve performance, without sacrificing design intent.

Drawings and Permits:

17-0528 BLOK 1E Floor Plan.jpg

Front Row Builders, Inc. offers full design and drafting services and handles all necessary permitting.


Front Row Builders, Inc. is an evolution of high end metal fabrication company SF Metalworks. Our team includes some of the Bay Area's finest fabricators, a collection of crafts people dedicated to quality worksmanship. We have electricians, machinists, and certified structural welders in house, and our shop equipment includes a CNC mill, a CNC lathe, two manual mills, a brake press, cold saw, shear, and more. We offer an extensive array of finishes and work closely with a carefully curated selection of quality local vendors to extend our capabilities and include services such as waterjetting, rolling, casting, and powdercoating. We have a deep understanding of and appreciation for materials and how to use them optimally.

SF Metalworks takes pride in offering levels of fit and finish rarely found in otherwise comparable fabrication shops, and often work to tolerances tighter than industry standards. FRB extends this tradition by prefabricating entire architectural components in our facility, enabling levels of precision impossible to obtain on a conventional construction site.

Delivery and Install:

As a licensed general contractor, Front Row Builders, Inc. takes care of the entire delivery and installation process, when necessary.  One of the advantages of utilizing prefabricated components in our work is that it eliminates an enormous amount of site work that conventional construction entails. Meanwhile, the minimal site work that does remain is able to occur in parallel with the fabrication that is occurring back at the shop, expediting the building process.