Front Row Builders, Inc. is a design-build firm in San Francisco. We are a licensed general contractor (license # 893834) with a staff of talented engineers, architectural and industrial designers, carpenters, and fabricators. We have completed work all over California, as well as in Boston, New York, Hawaii, Moscow, Sydney ... and more.

Being based in the SF Bay Area, we are constantly affected by the lack of affordable, quality housing, and are hyper sensitive to the detrimental impact of conventional building processes on the natural environment.

Despite major advancements in technology, the mainstream construction industry has remained relatively stagnant. There exist opportunities to capitalize on the technological innovation that surrounds us to create better housing more efficiently and more affordably. However, the few doing so are operating at the fringe of the design / fab community.

Meanwhile, awareness of the environmental impact of conventional construction practices has increased in recent decades, but the practical response to this new awareness has not developed proportionally. Despite a growing understanding of the importance of environmentally friendly living, sustainability is still largely treated as an auxiliary feature in construction rather than an integral tenet of the design process.

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Through our work, we seek to address these issues, and elevate design, fabrication, and construction culture to a new standard. 

Front Row Builders, Inc. strives to bring "alternative" building practices into the mainstream. We have observed many benefits to drawing from modular and prefab building methods, and are excited by the solutions that permaculture offers for sustainable design and living. We are borrowing principles from these practices and others to introduce a new approach to architecture and fabrication that combines innovative technology with a deep understanding of natural systems.

Ron Moore, Owner / CEO

Ron Moore founded Front Row Builders, Inc. to fulfill his vision to develop forward-thinking prefab housing for those seeking an improved, sustainable living standard. Ron is a seasoned general contractor with a diverse background that includes general and finish construction and metal fabrication as well as permaculture and aviation. 

Ron started his metalworking career in the US Navy where he trained as a structural mechanic, a hydraulics technician and an aviation welder. He spent the following decade in the aviation industry, where he honed his technical skillset. When Ron moved from aviation to construction in 1999 he added finish carpentry, production and project management to his breadth of metalwork skills.

In 2005, Ron secured his GC license and started his own practice, working primarily on high-end private residences. Discovering a lacking supply of quality local metal fabricators, Ron founded his own shop, using his precision welding experience to quickly grow SF Metalworks into one of the Bay Area's premier sources for high-end, custom metal fabrication.